How do I edit status net default header and footer ?

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How can I edit this header and this footer ? . Is it against TOS if I edit it ?

This is, a micro-blogging service based on the Free Software StatusNet tool.

------- is a microblogging service brought to you by gulftwitter. It runs the StatusNet microblogging software, version 0.9.5, available under the GNU Affero General Public License.
Site content license

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 All content and data are available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.


  • The licensing agreement info on the footer you cant remove, that is against the ToS, however your header info you can, if you search around the forum the way to change that is on here. If I remember correctly, I believe it's action.php but I'm not for sure.
  • You can change the footer as you wish, but you need to have a link back to your sourcecode and with modifications you have made.
  • you can edit the message in the top center header in actions/public.php it is at the bottom

    see this example
  • i don't know how to removed it... i checked everywhere for the file where i can removed it but i couldn't. However, i did a css technique.....go to theme/base/display.css . search for #footer {

    add this:


    and save it.

    this will NOT remove the footer.. it will hide it... it will hide all the footer. Its worth it though.
  • "it will hide all the footer"
    I did this in my website, is this violating the ToS?
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