How do I post? There's no "textbox"

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I signed up on a few days ago as @vortexcortex and now am trying to make my 1st post via the web interface... The "Help" link at the bottom of the site has this to say:

> Then, on the public timeline, enter your message into the textbox at the top of the page, and click "Send".

Well, that would be nice, except there is no textbox at the top of the page. I dove into the HTML to see if it was hidden by some CSS bug, nope. There aren't any "textarea" HTML elements on the site from where I sit.

The mobile view gives the same results. What gives?


  • Also, on the contact page it says this:

    >Post a notice
    >If you have a question about how to do something, just post a notice with your question. Watch your inbox public timeline for answers.

    Hmm, yeah, that's not an option if you're unable to post, eh?
  • You need to confirm your email first before you can post.
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    Hey, that would be pretty useful info on the help page, no?
    (or at least mention it in the registration process?) Hey, I got an idea, leave the textarea there, mark it disabled and place a message in it: "Verify your Email to start posting"... Ugh.
  • For what it's worth I filed a bug for you
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