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I received my account exp: - but did not receive the Admin link, I was expecting something like - but that is not the case..

Could someone help please. Thanks.


  • if you are user "1" then being logged in will display an admin link at the top of the page.

    Let us know if this is not the case.
  • This is not the case on my installation of 0.9.0beta5.
  • I had to create profile_role record. Is this a missing step in the install script:

    insert into profile_role (profile_id, role) VALUES (1, 'administrator');
  • I'm on a selfhosted StatusNet site (latest stable), and I too cannot find the administration link. My account is user 1.
  • cloakable,

    Login to your MySql db and run the sql query I posted above. It will fix the problem.
  • Where are the admin panel preferences saved? How do they interact with the config.php preferences? I had set $config['notice']['contentlimit'] = 200; in config.php, but when I opened the admin panel it said 140. I changed it there too, but the setting in config.php seem to override the admin panel.
  • Okay, so there's a script for giving users roles:

    scripts/userrole.php -n nickname -r role

    You shouldn't have to go directly into the DB and do a query. Use that script.

    There are two settings in the configuration that control the the number of chars you can put in a notice... the global setting ['site']['textlimit'], which affects more than just notices, and the more specific one ['notice']['contentlimit']. The setting in the admin panel is the global one.

    To see all defaults, you can take a look at the file lib/default.php
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    Thanks for that. Should I be worried about this warning:

    Warning: set_time_limit(): Cannot set time limit in safe mode in /var/www/.../
  • php is running in safe mode? id turn that off, (php.ini) its a silly feature.
  • @aric Thanks, I thought I had, but I will try again!
  • I am a bit of a noobie. Concerning the admin page. You said to insert into profile_role (profile_id, role) VALUES (1, 'administrator');

    But I how do I do that? I logged on and saw fields like Type, function, null , value. do I just cut and past (profile_id, role) VALUES (1, 'administrator'); into the value section? Do I leave the ( ) in? thanks.
  • /statusnet/scripts/userrole.php -susername -radministrator
  • I am a novice with Dreamhost 1 click install so I don't know how to run the script ..Help Pls
  • I got it done by using phpMyadmin to insert a record in table profile_role
    ...hope this helps other newbies like myself
  • It's actually better to run the script from the command line (assuming you have ssh access to your server), as @aric said.

    So, if you log into your server and you cd to the directory in which you have installed statusnet and, for argument's sake, your username is bob, then typing in the following at the command-line would do the trick:

    ./scripts/userrole.php -n bob -r administrator
  • (I think there was a typo in @aric's script when he wrote -s instead of -n).
  • atfer running the scrip on phpMyadmin,what is the username and password that we need to enter to login?
  • Do you mean to log into phpMyadmin? (that'll be your site admin account) or to StatusNet?
  • I am having same issue with "Dreamhost 1 click". I can't register any new accounts, and as far as I can tell, there is no default admin account like with a "1 click" install of Wordpress. I have run "insert into profile_role (profile_id, role) VALUES (1, 'administrator');" in phpmyadmin and it seems to have done something, but I still cannot login nor even register a new account. Am I missing something, or do I need to figure out how to access the command line? In case you didn't notice, I'm a total noob.
  • It would seem I had the "www" problem as noted here:
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